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NextSense, Joins National Sleep Foundation’s SleepTech® Network Premier Community Platform for Stakeholders in the Sleep Technology Industry

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Mountain View, CA (March 12, 2024): NextSense, Inc. announces joining the National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF) newly launched SleepTech® Network, a community platform for stakeholders across the sleep technology industry.

Among the inaugural members of the SleepTech® Network are organizations ranging from start-ups to members of the Fortune Global 500, and representing important segments including consumer electronics, digital therapeutics, mobility, consumer home products, and sleep-monitoring AI software.

NSF is committed to making science-based sleep tech more accessible and convenient so anyone and everyone can be their Best Slept Self®. NSF’s SleepTech Network gives members education, insights, and access, including to NSF content and resources and each other. Each organization can stay informed and up-to-date with the latest NSF research and data on sleep health technology, while network members learn about and share advances with other professionals in the field of SleepTech, discuss sleep technology issues and opportunities, and network with peers at NSF-hosted educational events.

"Joining the NSF's SleepTech Network is a significant step for NextSense—and one that aligns with our commitment to helping people sleep better so they can live better. We see the NSF as a critical partner in our mission to create technology that actually moves the needle on sleep and, in the process, improves brain health worldwide," said Jonathan Berent, Founder and CEO of NextSense.

“NSF sees the potential that SleepTech® has to help the health and well-being of the public. Sleep technology is a fast-growing industry globally, and by convening key industry leaders to exchange ideas and learn about emerging trends, innovations in SleepTech can continue to benefit the public with the promise to help improve sleep health,” said John Lopos, NSF CEO.


About the National Sleep Foundation:
The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to improving health and well-being through sleep education and advocacy. Founded in 1990, the NSF is committed to advancing excellence in sleep health theory, research and │

NextSense In-Ear EEG Challenges the Status Quo in Epilepsy Monitoring

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NextSense’s in-ear EEG technology is poised to change the game in epilepsy monitoring. In a new study, published in Bioelectronic Medicine, NextSense earbuds achieved accurate seizure detection with minimal disruption to patients’ lives—challenging standard protocols in epilepsy management.

Traditional epilepsy monitoring involves extended clinical stays, often lasting a week or more, where patients are observed using scalp electrodes. This process, though effective, is not practical and can be a hindrance to quality of life. NextSense's ear-EEG system provides an alternative that is both practical and scientifically robust.

In this latest study—conducted in collaboration with Emory University School of Medicine, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of California, San Francisco—the NextSense in-ear EEG system demonstrated over 80% equivalence in seizure detection compared to traditional scalp EEG, a remarkable achievement that underscores the system's potential in real-world applications. Key findings from the study include:

  • High Accuracy: The ear-EEG system achieved seizure detection sensitivities of 87.5% and 85% against intracranial and scalp EEG references, respectively.
  • Patient Comfort: With a comfort rating of 7.5 out of 10, the device proved to be well-tolerated for extended wear, showing no serious adverse effects.
  • Substantial Data Collection: The study amassed 1255 hours of ear-EEG data across 106 sessions, highlighting the device's capability for long-term monitoring.
  • Minimal False Positives: The system demonstrated an impressively low false positive rate, with fewer than 0.1 per 24 hours of recording.

These outcomes not only validate the effectiveness of the ear-EEG system but also illustrate its potential to significantly improve the quality of life for individuals with epilepsy. By enabling continuous, real-time monitoring in a non-clinical setting, the ear-EEG system allows for a more personalized and less disruptive approach to epilepsy management.

NextSense's ear-EEG system is a testament to the company's dedication to innovation and human-centric solutions. By challenging traditional EEG conventions and demonstrating that fewer electrodes can still provide high-quality data, this technology paves the way for more accessible and empathetic epilepsy care.

Read the full study here.

Reference: Joyner, M., Hsu, SH., Martin, S. et al. Using a standalone ear-EEG device for focal-onset seizure detection. Bioelectron Med 10, 4 (2024).

NextSense Brain Sensing Technology Recognized in Fast Company's 2023 Next Big Things in Tech



We're thrilled to announce that NextSense is a winner of Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech Award. We’re particularly excited to be recognized in the health category, underscoring our commitment to short- and long-term brain health. Our goal is to democratize access to brain data and, in doing so, help people live healthier, more meaningful lives.

With our pioneering EEG technology, we're not just dreaming about the future, we're actively shaping it. Our product combines advanced sensors, industry-leading algorithms, and attractive design components to create a piece of brain technology that you can wear anytime, day or night.

By making our device truly wearable—and brain data understandable—we can revolutionize the neurotech landscape. We’re honored that Fast Company recognizes our innovation in this space. As we celebrate this milestone, we want to thank our incredible team, partners, and investors, who inspire us to keep on innovating.

What's next for NextSense? Following successful clinical validation, our goal is to transition our technology from the lab to the people who need it most. We aim to make this advanced brain monitoring technology accessible and practical for everyday use, empowering people with unprecedented insight into their neural dynamics.

For more information about NextSense and our innovative solutions, please visit NextSense.