We leverage the ear as a key point of insight and optimization for brain health.

We have built an in-ear multimodal biosensing device that collects ultra-sharp EEG data, and a sophisticated data platform that delivers neural insight to daily life and can transform the clinic too.
Our Technology

Ear-First Technology + Neural Insights

The ear is unparalleled as a point in the human body to both read and write the brain.

We have developed in-ear neuro-sensing wearables and a data platform for next-generation digital health to support neuro-health, disease management, and drug discovery.
There is a cacophony of biological signatures that are detectable in a small area of our ear.

Longitudinal Data Changes Everything

Because the ear allows long-term wear as convenient and comfortable as an earbud, we are able to collect unprecedented data about the neural health of an individual.

Our software can leverage that data to detect neural anomalies and alert both patients and providers to potential impending adverse events.

Our platform is built to detect anomalies related to stroke, seizure, concussion, migraine, sleep disorders, and even ADHD.

Our Technology

A Modular Approach

Our platform is built to mirror the way the brain actually works, with models that function horizontally across previously siloed therapeutic areas. This helps speed the development of new digital biomarkers and makes ongoing anomaly detection lightning-fast.

Neural Digital Twins

Our pipeline first contextualizes information through multimodal sensor fusion, then applies state of the art ML models to compare new data against existing sets and known patterns, then finally visualizes information for improved decision making.

API Driven Throughout

Everything we do is software-defined and API-driven. This makes it easy to build novel state-based applications that span use cases from the pathological (stoke, seizure, concussion) to more performance-centric ones like addiction cessation, increased focus and enhanced sleep.

Democratizing Access to Neural Insights

Having validated our technology in a clinical setting with tier one research partners, we are focused on preventative brain health. We can let people know when they’ve had a neural anomaly and when they need to consider seeing a doctor or going to an emergency room — before it’s too late.

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