The Foundation of Brain Health

We unlock brain health for daily living, with real world data and practical science-based guidance. NextSense earbuds collect EEG data to derive insights about sleep, seizures, and more.
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It All Starts With Sleep

Sleep is critical for core brain function. Better sleep helps everyone and everything.

Our approach is grounded in assuring healthy sleep through personalized sleep analysis.

It’s not just “laziness.” Hypersomnolence, or excessive daytime sleepiness, is estimated to affect as much as 5% of the population.

Improving Epilepsy Management

Individuals with epilepsy often feel like they’re at the mercy of their next seizure.

It’s rare to log an event using a traditional EEG monitor, so doctors are forced to rely on self-report data to assess treatment.

Patients with epilepsy report less than half of their seizures.

Our Technology

Unmatched Comfort For Long-Term Wear

Traditional EEG machines and polysomnograms are bulky, expensive, and difficult to wear outside of a clinical setting. Our biosensing earbuds can be worn comfortably at night or as-needed throughout the day.

Insights Powered by Longitudinal Data

By tracking trends and changes in EEG data over time, we are able to provide tailored recommendations for treatment in real-time.

Connect With Brain Health Experts

Our platform is backed by MDs and PhDs, giving us the best possible chance of validating symptoms beyond the clinic, in the real world.

Clinically-Validated Technology

After over 1000 hours of data collection, we’ve demonstrated the ability of our device to record seizure activities, sleep patterns, and cardiac rhythms at nearly the same rate of accuracy as traditional EEGs.
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