We make brain-sensing earbuds that help you sleep better and focus on what matters most.

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A sleep solution for real people

Most people would like to improve their sleep. Yet most people will never make it to the sleep lab. By bringing EEG to your nightstand, our earbuds make neural insights accessible to everyone.

More than passive sleep tracking, we can use real-time neural dynamics to generate audio experiences that help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep more deeply.

Used by world-class research institutions, our technology stands up to clinical rigor, while prioritizing everyday usability.

Sleep to be awake

You don't sleep for the sake of it. You sleep so that you can get the most out of your days. Our technology closes the sleep/wake loop by providing an analysis of daytime neural activity and mental vigilance.

Because the ear allows convenient long-term wear, we are also able to collect unprecedented data about brain dynamics over extended periods of time—and promote long-term brain health.

By improving sleep and democratizing neural insights, NextSense helps you reclaim your brain's potential.

Our Clinical Research

A Modular Approach

Our platform is built to mirror the way the brain actually works, with models that function horizontally across previously siloed therapeutic areas. This helps speed the development of new digital biomarkers and makes ongoing anomaly detection lightning-fast.

Neural Digital Twins

Our pipeline first contextualizes information through multimodal sensor fusion, then applies state of the art ML models to compare new data against existing sets and known patterns, then finally visualizes information for improved decision making.

API Driven Throughout

Everything we do is software-defined and API-driven. This makes it easy to build novel state-based applications that span use cases from the pathological (stoke, seizure, concussion) to more performance-centric ones like addiction cessation, increased focus and enhanced sleep.

Our Research Partners